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Geek Chic

May 9, 2013

Do What You Love fabric by Jeni Paltiel

Hey! I made it to the semi-finals in this year’s Fabric8 contest, with the theme “Geek Chic.” My design is one of 100 semi-finalists (narrowed down from over 750 entries) chosen by a team of industry professionals from Robert Kaufman and Spoonflower to go up for public voting. I thought long and hard about what “geek chic” meant, and I decided that the essence of geekdom is being passionate about something, whether it’s superheroes or knitting or science fiction or typography, so my design is titled “Do What You <3 What You Do” and features hearts with simple symbols in them for all sorts of things people geek out on.



August 11, 2012

KFOG Live from the Archives finalists 2012
I’m a finalist again this year in KFOG’s “Live from the Archives” cover art contest – along with 9 other excellent designs. Click on over and vote for your favorite – it doesn’t have to be mine. :)

My entry features a song bird (he started out as a mockingbird, but I decided he needed some color so now he’s a mutant mockingbird-meadowlark hybrid) perched on some anise stalks, with Sutro Tower in the background. Since I love the interface of urban and natural environments, I was taken with the juxtaposition of the bird transmitting his song and Sutro Tower transmitting radio and TV signals. And I’ve been meaning to draw that anise since photographing a patch of it that grows wild near my house – those seed-heads are so striking.


Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011

Robot ValentineScribbleprints created a Squidoo lens about creative uses for Zazzle’s business cards, including my “Scooter” robot Valentine.  Zazzle’s “chubby” business cards (3.5″ x 2.5″, instead of the standard 2″ x 3.5″) are great for gift tags, Valentines, baseball cards and more.  The only downside is that you have to buy them in packs of 100 of the same design.

This feature reminds me about my post last year on a client who uses business cards as mini-advertising handouts.

You might also recognize this robot from my Automated Cuteness fabric at Spoonflower.


Bacteria Love

February 3, 2011

Paramecia fabric

One of my favorite blogs, ReadyMade, has a post today about off-beat fabrics available at Spoonflower, including my Paramecia fabric.  When I designed this fabric, I was captivated by how much the magnified paramecia looked like a traditional paisley design.

Read all about it and see the other cool fabrics they picked – I’m a particular fan of Sammy K’s “Love Fiesta”:
What do Groundhogs, DeLoreans, and Paramecia Have in Common?


Security envelopes

September 3, 2010

'Bird Confidential' fabric

Ever since I saw some of the cool stuff people are doing with security envelope patterns, I’ve been them saving up. They’re such great little bursts of graphic pattern in the midst of everyday business correspondence.

I finally put a few envelope scraps to good use in this fabric design for the Spoonflower “Collage” contest. It’s not for sale yet — I think I want to do some fine-tuning to the background colors.

I also used a bit of security envelope (along with a recipe and some sheet music) in this cover proposal for last year’s KFOG Live from the Archives 16 contest. It didn’t win (although it was one of 10 finalists), but it was one of those rare art projects that turned out pretty much exactly how I visualized it:

KFOG Live from the Archives 16 entry

What got me thinking about envelopes today was the Craftzine blog post about artist Francisca Prieto’s amazing security envelope creations.