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Life in a Jane Austen novel

April 4, 2013

Pemberley Print fabric by Jenimp

As an English major and big Jane Austen fan, I’m pleased that my “Pemberley Print” fabric design placed 6th in this week’s Jane Austen-themed Spoonflower contest. The theme was “Living in a Jane Austen Novel,” so I drew sketches of Regency-style furniture and upholstered them with exaggerated floral prints in period colors like pea green, primrose yellow, puce and cerulean blue. I love drawing furniture, and Regency pieces have such ornate lines and details that make them extra fun to draw.

Just add Mr. Darcy and you’re set!


Books in flight

October 3, 2012

Books in Flight illustration by Jeni Paltiel

In honor of this week’s Illustration Friday theme, “Book,” here’s an illustration I did of books fluttering in a sky full of fluffy white clouds. The books are actually scraps of manila folder that my kids cut up while making some other project. As I swept them up off the table, it struck me that they looked like funky little books. Happy accidents! It’s a seamless pattern, which means it’s also available as a fabric at Spoonflower.