Summer inspiration

July 18, 2013

It’s time for another Minted inspiration board, this one playing off the Watercolor Strokes Party Invitations by Shari Margolin.

Inspired by the bright, warm colors and casual style in the invite, I imagined an easy, fun summer brunch or afternoon party for all ages with paletas and gourmet donuts, papel picados, casual flower arrangements with dahlias and succulents, and cheery bubbles. (The embedded board gets chopped off by my layout here, but click on it to see the whole thing.) Planning a virtual party is fun — way less work than a real party. :)

Sweet Summer Party by Jeni Paltiel, see more Minted

Sweet Summer Party board by Jeni Paltiel. See more Minted

Featured above (clockwise from top left):

  1. Watercolor Strokes Party Invitations by Shari Margolin
  2. Paletas from Las Paletas in Nashville, TN (photo from Tennessee Home & Farm)
  3. Blowing bubbles by Always Anne
  4. Donuts by Tiny Water Photography via Inspired by This
  5. Fabric bunting by Accidental Vix
  6. Succulent centerpieces by Flora Grubb

Here are a few more things I didn’t have room for in the inspiration board, but thought would go well with the party:

  1. Another great book about gourmet ice pops
  2. A make-your-own mimosa bar for a morning party or sangria for the afternoon — or go with strawberry lemonade
  3. Martha Stewart’s over-the-top giant paper flowers and lanterns
  4. How About Orange’s fun Compliment Bunting
  5. Perky orange stripe and dot paper straws from Delish General Store
  6. These pretty little grapefruit cookies from Une Gamine dans la Cuisine – perfect take-home favors

Hmmm…I may have to throw a party!


Persephone’s Garden

May 29, 2013

Persephone's Garden fabric by Jeni Paltiel at Spoonflower

My “Persephone’s Garden” fabric came in second in this week’s Greek myths-themed Spoonflower contest. This was a fun fabric to research – I imagined what plants and insects might live in Persephone’s garden in Hades, and came up with a dark mix of thorny, carnivorous and poisonous plants, along with death’s head moths and black widow spiders and of course the fateful pomegranates. It turns out that dangerous plants like Castor bean pods, venus fly trap, mala mujer, poison hemlock and nightshade are all surprisingly beautiful.

Inspiration props go to Annie’s Annuals, where I won’t even walk near the table with the Solanum pyracanthum (‚ÄúPorcupine Tomato”) seedlings; the dark and creepy Wicked Plants exhibit a couple years ago at the Conservatory of Flowers, which was in turn inspired by Amy Stewart’s book Wicked Plants; and Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief, which had a description of Persephone’s garden that, although different from what I envisioned, stuck in my mind. I love thinking about all the disparate threads from different parts of my life that get pulled together when I’m working on a design!



May 20, 2013

Letterpress poster

I took my first letterpress class at San Francisco Center for the Book last week — fun stuff. At the beginning of class, everyone in the class listed something they wanted to be reminded of, and we chose four of the reminders to set into a poster using vintage wooden type on a Vandercook 4 proofing press. We had to make some adjustments to our original plan to fit things in and work with the number of A’s we had available, but that’s part of the charm of working with real type rather than digitally. As someone who does a lot of design on the computer, often trying to make things that look like old type and posters, it was really fun to work with the actual thing.


Geek Chic

May 9, 2013

Do What You Love fabric by Jeni Paltiel

Hey! I made it to the semi-finals in this year’s Fabric8 contest, with the theme “Geek Chic.” My design is one of 100 semi-finalists (narrowed down from over 750 entries) chosen by a team of industry professionals from Robert Kaufman and Spoonflower to go up for public voting. I thought long and hard about what “geek chic” meant, and I decided that the essence of geekdom is being passionate about something, whether it’s superheroes or knitting or science fiction or typography, so my design is titled “Do What You <3 What You Do” and features hearts with simple symbols in them for all sorts of things people geek out on.


Wise owls

April 24, 2013

Montclair Library tote bag

No matter how many things I design, I’m still always tickled to see my work in print. The tote bags I designed for the Friends of Montclair Library, featuring the iconic owls from the library’s sign, just came in. Pick one up for $10 at the library – I donated my design work, and all profits benefit programs and collections at the Montclair branch.



April 23, 2013

Chocolate Therapy design by Jeni Paltiel

My design featuring Chocolate Therapy ice cream is one of 20 finalists in the Ben & Jerry’s “Shirt Happens” design contest. I designed a Rorschach ink blot that looks like a Holstein cow made from melted chocolate ice cream — now that’s my kind of therapy.

If you’re on Facebook, click on over and vote on the finalists. As usual, I’d be a terrible judge — I think they’re all pretty cool.


Life in a Jane Austen novel

April 4, 2013

Pemberley Print fabric by Jenimp

As an English major and big Jane Austen fan, I’m pleased that my “Pemberley Print” fabric design placed 6th in this week’s Jane Austen-themed Spoonflower contest. The theme was “Living in a Jane Austen Novel,” so I drew sketches of Regency-style furniture and upholstered them with exaggerated floral prints in period colors like pea green, primrose yellow, puce and cerulean blue. I love drawing furniture, and Regency pieces have such ornate lines and details that make them extra fun to draw.

Just add Mr. Darcy and you’re set!