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August 11, 2012

KFOG Live from the Archives finalists 2012
I’m a finalist again this year in KFOG’s “Live from the Archives” cover art contest – along with 9 other excellent designs. Click on over and vote for your favorite – it doesn’t have to be mine. :)

My entry features a song bird (he started out as a mockingbird, but I decided he needed some color so now he’s a mutant mockingbird-meadowlark hybrid) perched on some anise stalks, with Sutro Tower in the background. Since I love the interface of urban and natural environments, I was taken with the juxtaposition of the bird transmitting his song and Sutro Tower transmitting radio and TV signals. And I’ve been meaning to draw that anise since photographing a patch of it that grows wild near my house – those seed-heads are so striking.


We’ve got Laryngitis

July 11, 2011

Album cover - Laryngitis by Lane Murchison
Lane Murchison recently asked me to put together the cover art for his new CD, Laryngitis. (You may remember I did the art for his Memphis, California album a couple years ago.) He had a vision for what he wanted, something that looked like a medical textbook, so I ran with that and layered a vintage medical illustration over graph paper and distressed paint – all done in Photoshop. My biggest challenge? Finding out where exactly the larynx is!

You can find out more about Lane and have a listen to a couple of the songs from the new album over on his website (which I also built, come to think of it.)


Security envelopes

September 3, 2010

'Bird Confidential' fabric

Ever since I saw some of the cool stuff people are doing with security envelope patterns, I’ve been them saving up. They’re such great little bursts of graphic pattern in the midst of everyday business correspondence.

I finally put a few envelope scraps to good use in this fabric design for the Spoonflower “Collage” contest. It’s not for sale yet — I think I want to do some fine-tuning to the background colors.

I also used a bit of security envelope (along with a recipe and some sheet music) in this cover proposal for last year’s KFOG Live from the Archives 16 contest. It didn’t win (although it was one of 10 finalists), but it was one of those rare art projects that turned out pretty much exactly how I visualized it:

KFOG Live from the Archives 16 entry

What got me thinking about envelopes today was the Craftzine blog post about artist Francisca Prieto’s amazing security envelope creations.


KFOG “Live from the Archives”

July 23, 2010

KFOG Live from the Archives 17 entry

KFOG picked my design as one of 10 finalists in the cover art contest for their latest “Live from the Archives” CD. As always there’s lots of great competition — vote for your favorite at

Since this was LFTA #17, I went back to my notebooks and got inspiration from the doodles I used to do when I was 17. My entry is all hand-drawn, including the lettering, on notebook paper and manila envelope with ballpoint pen. Sometimes it’s fun to get away from the computer and break out the old-school tools!


Greetings from Memphis

December 28, 2009

Album cover for "Memphis, California" by Lane Murchison

I’m thrilled that Lane Murchison’s new CD, “Memphis, California” is out, featuring my artwork. I’ve known Lane for years and this is some of his best work yet. You can listen to samples and find out more on his website [which I also built :)] at

For the artwork, I had a great time combining various paper textures and type effects to create an old-timey postcard featuring Hettie Lott’s photos of the recording session at Sun Studio.  I learned how to mimic a letterpress effect in Photoshop, a technique I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of from me.  I also used this great tutorial on how to give photos that old vintage linen postcard look.  I love the fact that I’m still learning new stuff on every project!

I’ll be posting more images of the album in my portfolio soon.