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May 20, 2013

Letterpress poster

I took my first letterpress class at San Francisco Center for the Book last week — fun stuff. At the beginning of class, everyone in the class listed something they wanted to be reminded of, and we chose four of the reminders to set into a poster using vintage wooden type on a Vandercook 4 proofing press. We had to make some adjustments to our original plan to fit things in and work with the number of A’s we had available, but that’s part of the charm of working with real type rather than digitally. As someone who does a lot of design on the computer, often trying to make things that look like old type and posters, it was really fun to work with the actual thing.


Wise owls

April 24, 2013

Montclair Library tote bag

No matter how many things I design, I’m still always tickled to see my work in print. The tote bags I designed for the Friends of Montclair Library, featuring the iconic owls from the library’s sign, just came in. Pick one up for $10 at the library – I donated my design work, and all profits benefit programs and collections at the Montclair branch.


Life in a Jane Austen novel

April 4, 2013

Pemberley Print fabric by Jenimp

As an English major and big Jane Austen fan, I’m pleased that my “Pemberley Print” fabric design placed 6th in this week’s Jane Austen-themed Spoonflower contest. The theme was “Living in a Jane Austen Novel,” so I drew sketches of Regency-style furniture and upholstered them with exaggerated floral prints in period colors like pea green, primrose yellow, puce and cerulean blue. I love drawing furniture, and Regency pieces have such ornate lines and details that make them extra fun to draw.

Just add Mr. Darcy and you’re set!


Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2012

Free printable gift tags I’ve been meaning to post this printable (or any printable) for a while, but somehow it never got done…If you’re a last-minute present-wrapper like me, though, these might still come in handy! Print on 8.5×11″ white cardstock (or the paper of your choice), cut out, punch a hole, and thread on ribbon. Viola!

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August 11, 2012

KFOG Live from the Archives finalists 2012
I’m a finalist again this year in KFOG’s “Live from the Archives” cover art contest – along with 9 other excellent designs. Click on over and vote for your favorite – it doesn’t have to be mine. :)

My entry features a song bird (he started out as a mockingbird, but I decided he needed some color so now he’s a mutant mockingbird-meadowlark hybrid) perched on some anise stalks, with Sutro Tower in the background. Since I love the interface of urban and natural environments, I was taken with the juxtaposition of the bird transmitting his song and Sutro Tower transmitting radio and TV signals. And I’ve been meaning to draw that anise since photographing a patch of it that grows wild near my house – those seed-heads are so striking.


Getting ready for summer

February 2, 2012

Detail of Bird School of Music summer camp postcard

It may be the middle of winter, but the camps and schools I work with are entering their busy season for booking summer camps. Here’s a fun postcard I put together for Bird School of Music in San Francisco. (Click on it to see the whole card.) If you live in the area and have a musically-minded kid entering grade 2-9, check them out.

Btw, the dots in the background are a free texture from Flickr user freebees – thanks for sharing!


We’ve got Laryngitis

July 11, 2011

Album cover - Laryngitis by Lane Murchison
Lane Murchison recently asked me to put together the cover art for his new CD, Laryngitis. (You may remember I did the art for his Memphis, California album a couple years ago.) He had a vision for what he wanted, something that looked like a medical textbook, so I ran with that and layered a vintage medical illustration over graph paper and distressed paint – all done in Photoshop. My biggest challenge? Finding out where exactly the larynx is!

You can find out more about Lane and have a listen to a couple of the songs from the new album over on his website (which I also built, come to think of it.)