Tea towel calendars

November 10, 2014

Detail of Bee Towel calendar by Jeni Paltiel/Lellobird

The new year will be here before you know it – and what could be handier than a calendar that will also dry your dishes?

I have two different 2015 tea towel calendars for sale at Spoonflower. Bird Talk updates last year’s Bird Talk with a fresh color scheme, featuring 12 cheery black birds chirping out the months. Bee Towel has a funky honeycomb and three happy honeybees on a cheery background of distressed yellow dots.

Detail of Bird Talk calendar by Jeni Paltiel/Lellobird

Each towel fits on a fat quarter of Spoonflower’s lovely Linen-Cotton Canvas, so you can get 4 towels out of a yard (they make great gifts on their own or eco-friendly wrapping for holiday presents!) or take advantage of the 2-For-1 Fat Quarter Sale on through November 12th to get one for yourself at a great price. (Or order it on wallpaper if you’re not the hemming type!)

Tea towel calendars by Jeni Paltiel/Lellobird