January 10, 2014

Manifesto fabric by Jeni Paltiel. Photograph by Spoonflower.

Usually when I think about resolutions, it’s in terms of dots per inch, the almighty dpi that can make or break a print project or keep things running smoothly on the web.

But for last week’s Spoonflower contest, I had to think about New Year’s resolutions – specifically, hand-lettered ones. I’d been itching to try more hand-lettering, so I came up with my list of aspirations, from the practical (do the dishes more often) to the creative (make art) to the esoteric (let it be) to the probably impossible (get more sleep), and wrote them out in my nicest, funkiest writing. It was fun to explore lots of different styles, and to think about what I wanted to improve this year. So far I’ve been flossing regularly, and making art. The rest of them I’ll have to keep working on.

As a nice bonus, my Manifesto fabric came in 3rd in the New Year’s Resolutions fabric contest. Thanks, Spoonflower voters!