Persephone’s Garden

May 29, 2013

Persephone's Garden fabric by Jeni Paltiel at Spoonflower

My “Persephone’s Garden” fabric came in second in this week’s Greek myths-themed Spoonflower contest. This was a fun fabric to research – I imagined what plants and insects might live in Persephone’s garden in Hades, and came up with a dark mix of thorny, carnivorous and poisonous plants, along with death’s head moths and black widow spiders and of course the fateful pomegranates. It turns out that dangerous plants like Castor bean pods, venus fly trap, mala mujer, poison hemlock and nightshade are all surprisingly beautiful.

Inspiration props go to Annie’s Annuals, where I won’t even walk near the table with the Solanum pyracanthum (“Porcupine Tomato”) seedlings; the dark and creepy Wicked Plants exhibit a couple years ago at the Conservatory of Flowers, which was in turn inspired by Amy Stewart’s book Wicked Plants; and Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief, which had a description of Persephone’s garden that, although different from what I envisioned, stuck in my mind. I love thinking about all the disparate threads from different parts of my life that get pulled together when I’m working on a design!