August 11, 2012

KFOG Live from the Archives finalists 2012
I’m a finalist again this year in KFOG’s “Live from the Archives” cover art contest – along with 9 other excellent designs. Click on over and vote for your favorite – it doesn’t have to be mine. :)

My entry features a song bird (he started out as a mockingbird, but I decided he needed some color so now he’s a mutant mockingbird-meadowlark hybrid) perched on some anise stalks, with Sutro Tower in the background. Since I love the interface of urban and natural environments, I was taken with the juxtaposition of the bird transmitting his song and Sutro Tower transmitting radio and TV signals. And I’ve been meaning to draw that anise since photographing a patch of it that grows wild near my house – those seed-heads are so striking.