I Spy my fabrics

May 9, 2012

Eden I Spy assortment by Crafterhours

It’s always so fun to spot my fabrics in the wild. Last week I discovered the concept of the “I Spy” quilt – a quilt made up of lots of detailed, fun, interesting fabrics to keep kids busy (fun, useful and so much faster to put together than that busy book I’ve been trying to sew for, oh, 8 years now…). I was extra-pleased to see that Crafterhours uses a bunch of my Spoonflower fabrics in their I Spy kits: Winter Lights Swirl and Laundry Day Camo in their Eden Assortment, and Ice Cream Dream in their Alpha Set. I love that their assortments are beautifully curated and come pre-cut in 5″ squares, so you can open the box and get started sewing. Now there’s a craft project even I might find time to finish!