Hello, old friend

September 16, 2010

Tile art trash enlosures in Danville, CA

A million years ago (ok, in 2002 or maybe earlier) I was selected to paint some tiles for the Town of Danville as part of their trash enclosure beautification project. The project progressed in fits and starts, as funding came and went, and I long ago gave up hope of ever hearing if my work was installed.

Today I was cleaning out some files and came across the original drawings for the project, so on a whim I Googled to see what I could find out. Turns out my design and several others were featured in an article in Danville Weekly July 25, 2008 — mine’s the farmers market scene with the box of pears at the top of page 8. Seeing my work again was like getting a postcard from a long-lost friend. :) I think I’ll have to take a field trip and see if it’s still there.