Security envelopes

September 3, 2010

'Bird Confidential' fabric

Ever since I saw some of the cool stuff people are doing with security envelope patterns, I’ve been them saving up. They’re such great little bursts of graphic pattern in the midst of everyday business correspondence.

I finally put a few envelope scraps to good use in this fabric design for the Spoonflower “Collage” contest. It’s not for sale yet — I think I want to do some fine-tuning to the background colors.

I also used a bit of security envelope (along with a recipe and some sheet music) in this cover proposal for last year’s KFOG Live from the Archives 16 contest. It didn’t win (although it was one of 10 finalists), but it was one of those rare art projects that turned out pretty much exactly how I visualized it:

KFOG Live from the Archives 16 entry

What got me thinking about envelopes today was the Craftzine blog post about artist Francisca Prieto’s amazing security envelope creations.